Take the Quiz: Are you a Sustainable Tourism Business?

Take the Quiz: Are you a Sustainable Tourism Business

Sustainable Tourism has become a buzzword in the travel industry since the UN declaring 2017 as The International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Now, tourism businesses around the globe are trying to understand where they lie on the sustainability scale. Some companies may believe they are already a sustainable business, but how can you know for sure? Read this article to find out if you “fit the mould” as a sustainable tourism business, or not, and what you can do to become one.

Many organizations claim to be a green business without knowing what being a green tourism business really entails.

Sustainable tourism businesses should, at minimum, do these 3 things:

  1. Increase economic benefits for local communities
  2. Positively contribute to the preservation of natural and cultural assets.
  3. Minimize and improve negative economic, environmental and socio-cultural effects within the tourism industry.

But how can you measure that?
We talk to businesses and organizations all the time who want some measurable ways to find out how sustainable they are, and what they can do to improve.

To be defined and certified as a sustainable tourism business with Sustainable Tourism, you are assessed on a set of criteria that has been based upon the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria. Once assessed, you receive a report, a scorecard, and a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum grading if you achieve the minimum score required.

With your certification and your grading score, it is easy to compare yourself to other businesses in the tourism industry.

Get your free Sustainability Score to find out if you’re a sustainable and green tourism business.