Accelerate Your Journey to Net Zero

GreenStep’s EcoFund program is an energy efficiency and carbon reduction program that helps tourism businesses reduce their carbon footprint and save thousands of dollars, at no cost to the business.

Stay Green. Save Money.

Extra Money

Generate thousands of dollars each year to invest in cost-saving, green projects that reduce energy, waste and water bills as well as your environmental impact and carbon footprint. We’ll help you measure and report on your results.

Serious Support

Our expert advisors help you select the best projects to save the most money, reduce your emissions and generate the greatest savings and returns. We also benchmark you against similar business so you can see how you measure up.

Brand Lift

Gain use of the EcoFund Verified seal to help tell your green story as a certified green business. Build credibility with customers, employees and other stakeholders, as you measure and reduce your environmental impacts.

How we help

Guidance & Funding

We'll support you to set up the program at your business, which will enable you to generate thousands or tens of thousands of dollars each year in additional revenue to direct at cost saving, carbon reduction projects

Energy Assessments

We'll complete an energy assessment to identify project opportunities, and benchmark against other similar properties

Project Implementation

We'll obtain quotes and review available utility rebates, and then prioritize projects based on ROI, cost savings and payback. Then we'll help you to implement projects with your EcoFund.

Results Reporting

We'll help you to measure and report on your carbon reductions and cost savings each year.

Want to learn more?

Schedule some time to chat with us about the EcoFund program. We’ll ask you some questions about your electricity, natural gas, and fuel bills, as well as your total number of guests. 

We will then prepare a detailed overview of your risk to rising energy costs and carbon taxes, and a business case analysis to show you how much money you can save, and carbon you can reduce, with the GreenStep EcoFund program.