Sustainable Tourism Assessments for Destinations

Beyond Certification

Not every tourism destination is ready for or interested in certification. GreenStep provides meaningful options for measuring sustainability performance, identifying gaps, setting goals, creating action plans, and accessing support, even if certification isn’t a priority.

The assessments below utilize our internationally credible GreenStep Sustainable Tourism Standard, which has been developed based upon the Global Sustainable Tourism Council destination criteria and UN World Tourism Organization Indicators for Sustainable Tourism Destinations. This ensures that our criteria help tourism destinations assess their performance against global best practices for sustainable tourism, while covering all 17 of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

Choose Your Assessment

Free Sustainability Score

Our free Sustainability Score will let your tourism destination work through each of the Sustainable Tourism Destination criteria. Once you submit your responses,  you’ll receive a scorecard that shows your overall Sustainability Score, and your results in each category.

To access the full report and see how you scored on each answer to build a more detailed action plan, choose the Sustainability Lens option.

Sustainability Lens Assessment

Gain rapid insight into how your tourism destination is performing. Work through the criteria and submit your responses. We will calculate your score provide you with a summary scorecard, as well as a full report that identifies how you scored on each answer, along with the top recommended actions for improvement.
This will provide a baseline snapshot allowing you to easily see where you’re doing well and where you have an opportunity to improve, so that you may build an action plan to improve your sustainability performance or to get ready for certification.

Sustainability Diagnosis

Receive a customized sustainability action plan for your destination and consulting support from our Sustainable Tourism team. First, work through the Sustainable Tourism Destination criteria to measure your performance in key areas. We’ll then schedule an assessment with your team to review your responses and finalize your sustainability score. 
We’ll also undertake a detailed review of your destination strategy and other relevant local government planning documents, to complete a gap analysis between your current performance and your stated goals. 
Using these results, we’ll create a customized report and action plan to help you improve your sustainability performance (and score), in a way that directly aligns with your destination strategy, as well as with the Global Sustainable Tourism Council criteria and UN Sustainable Development goals. 

Looking for Sustainable Tourism Certification for your tourism destination? Check out our Certification page.

Destination Diagnosis Pricing

Small Destination


Starting at: $10,000

Medium Destination

200,000 to 500,000

Starting at: $12,750

Large Destination


Starting at: $15,750

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