92 websites to list your ecotourism business (mostly for free)

92 websites to list your tourism business

Here is an amazing New Year’s resource for all tourism operators in Canada. You won’t want to miss checking out this list of 92 websites to list your ecotourism business (mostly for free).

As a tourism operator, you are always looking for ways to boost your exposure to the broader public because, let’s face it, the more people that know about you, the more business you will get. Online exposure is key to this success, so between Sustainable Tourism 2030 and Tourism Tiger, we have put together a list of 92 places where you can list your green business online. Most of the listing sites are free (Yay!), some have an annual fee that comes with additional perks, but as you go through the list, make sure you check them out and decide what will work best for you.

1. Canada Web Connection

Why we love them: The categories are broken down so ‘Travel and Tourism’ stands out, you can add your logo and up to 5 photos, get on the map and share easily through social media.
How much they cost: Free for basic listing for 12 months
How to sign-up: Visit their website http://canadawebconnection.com and click on “Submit a Business”
Take-note: Each larger category has several subcategories, so Bed & Breakfasts are separated from “Tour Operators”. And by the way, there is only 1 Tour Operator listed…in all of Canada, so you are sure to stand out.

2. Tourism Industry Association of Canada (TIAC)

Why we love them: TIAC is a not-for profit tourism association in Canada, hosting wonderful events and offering a ton of exposure to tourism businesses and networking opportunities. They have a members only area with tons of resources, and offer discounts to all their events, plus special offers to national suppliers.
How much they cost: The majority of tourism businesses will be Tier III, with an annual fee of $395.
How to sign-up: Visit http://tiac.travel and click on the membership tab to learn about becoming a member and how to join.
Take-note: TIAC is the national advocacy organization lobbying in Ottawa on behalf of Canada’s travel and tourism sector. TIAC is a not-for-profit, industry led, membership driven organization.

3. Small Biz Pages: Canada’s Free Small Business Directory Listing

Why we love them: Although not organized particularly well, you get a listing with a photo, description, link and contact info with tags to improve your searchability.
How much they cost: FREE
How to sign-up: Visit http://www.smallbizpages.ca/free-business-directory/submit-listings/ and click on the “Not yet registered?” link in red below the login area to create an account.
Take-note: Search results don’t seem to come out in any particular order, they are likely rotated for equal exposure. Make sure your tags are good so if someone types in key search words, your listing will show up. Again, only two businesses show up for “tour operator” search.

4. WorldWeb.com Travel

Why we love them: They are a one stop shop for planning an entire trip. You can book online through them and have a very full database of businesses. I searched quite a few Green Tourism members and most are already listed here, so if you’re not already listed, you better do so now!
How much they cost: FREE
How to sign-up: www.worldweb.com and on the right side of the blue bar, beside the word “Add” click “Business.” Follow the steps to create your listing.
Take-note: The categories are very specific so make sure you choose one that already exists and is the most accurate to your business.

5. HelloBC and DestinationBC

Why we love them: Provincially run, Destination BC, promotes tourism businesses to travellers visiting British Columbia through HelloBC.com, Destination BC’s official consumer website, and to their network of over 100 Visitor Centres across BC. This is a “go to” website for a lot of travellers who want a nature-based trip. There is an annual cost, but the listing allows you to add videos and images.
How much they cost: $120 per year for all tourism providers, however listing a specific event or festival is FREE.
How to sign-up: Click on the enrolment section of Tourism BC’s website here
Take-note: Through the same website you can sign up for additional programs such as ‘Travel Deals Program’, ‘Pets Can Stay’, ‘Accessible Tourism’ and ‘Rest Assured’ Click here to check out their programs.

6. Green Tourism

Why we love them: Some might say we’re biased, but we deliver Green Tourism certification for a reason.
How much they cost: The listings are part of your annual certification package (starting at $450 per year depending on your size) and obviously the price comes with WAY MORE than just marketing exposure. You get a one-on-one 3rd party verified assessment, a sustainability report, have unlimited support and access to your green business advisor. Marketing support includes a certificate, window decal and outdoor sign, a custom video “what’s green about your business”, social media exposure, and several other feature opportunities.
How to sign-up: Visit the website https://www.greensteptourism.com to get a free overview from the company’s CEO on what this program could mean to you.
Take-note: There are 80 tourism businesses currently certified in Canada, so you would be joining a growing group of green-minded businesses.

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