Maple Leaf Spirits: Growing Green in 2015

Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 11.54.23 AMAnette and Jorg Engel have created a unique craft distillery experience on their 26 acre property on the Naramata Bench. They started the distillery to find a home for the “seconds” fruit that were so abundant in the Okanagan and have made great relationships with local farmers. They are actively looking for ways in which to reduce energy, and have participated in programs like Fortis FLIP and have calculated their carbon footprint. “We are always working to be environmentally friendly”, said Jorg

Maple Leaf Spirits Assessment Green Tourism Canada
GreenStep Assessor Darrell Eason with Annete and Jorg at Maple Leaf Spirits

In 2013, there was a change in the regulation for distilleries, which meant they could now be classified a craft distillery, allowing them to join the “wine route” instead of being stuck in the industrial area. They opened their doors in July 2014. Jorg said that in August 2014 alone, his revenue was 2.5 times the sales of the entire previous year, and as of last Saturday, he has surpassed his sales for all of 2014.The next project he is working on is to make sure all the waste cooling water (which is heated to 85 degrees but is uncontaminated) doesn’t go down the drain. It is being re-routed to heat Jorg and Anette’s house.

Visit their website at www.mapleleafspirits.com