Member Spotlight: Watermark Beach Resort

Watermark Beach Resort is located on the sunny shores of Osoyoos lake, offering guests a taste of the South Okanagan lifestyle with their laid back atmosphere. Watermark has recently achieved a Silver certification with GreenStep – continue reading to learn more about their sustainability journey:

Tell us a bit about your business. What makes you different?

Discover the South Okanagan “good life” at the Okanagan beach resort that defines easy living, where attention to detail and personal service is as unmatched and unique as the experience and amenities at Watermark. Experience the Watermark difference. You’re steps to everything: beach, dining, shopping, marina, and groceries for your full gourmet kitchen.

Why is sustainability important to you/your business?

Our resort is located on the shores of Osoyoos lake, surrounded by mountains and desert landscape which needs to be protected for years to come. It is essential to protect our natural environment and ensure that future generations have the ability to enjoy the same resources and opportunities that we do today. By prioritizing sustainability, we can contribute to the preservation of biodiversity, mitigate the impact of climate change, and maintain the delicate balance of our ecosystems. By embracing sustainable practices, businesses can tap into the growing global demand for responsible products and services.

Why did you join GreenStep Sustainable Tourism?

Joining GreenStep Sustainable Tourism was a natural choice for us. As an advocate for sustainable practices, our certification is an opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and educate the team at Watermark and collaborate in promoting sustainable tourism practices. Watermark provides as a platform for sharing knowledge, best practices, and innovative ideas, which is crucial for driving positive change within the tourism and hospitality industry.

What sustainability related projects, policies or initiatives do you most want travelers to know about?

One notable initiative is our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint. We have implemented various measures, including energy-efficient lighting, recycling programs, and waste reduction. We recently installed two filtered water stations in the resort, one for staff and one for guests which has dramatically reduced the number of plastic bottles produced by the resort. By adopting sustainable practices in our business, we aim to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future.

What are some goals and/or actions you plan to take in the future to further increase the sustainability of your business?

We believe in the importance of giving back to the places we visit and work. Through our partnerships with local artisans, suppliers, and community organizations, we provide employment opportunities, promote cultural exchange, and support initiatives that benefit the local communities. By fostering strong relationships with local communities, we ensure that our tourism activities contribute to their development and well-being. In terms of future goals and actions, we plan to continue implementing sustainable practices throughout our business.

We are excited to share that Watermark also has electric vehicle charging stations. By encouraging our guests and employees to choose sustainable transportation options, we reduce carbon emissions and promote a greener community. We recently installed two filtered water stations in the resort, one for staff and one for guests which has dramatically reduced the number of plastic bottles produced by the resort. We are also working on having an Energy Audit conducted in the near future as a part of being a more sustainable resort.

To learn more about Watermark Beach Resort visit: https://www.watermarkbeachresort.com/